Bluetooth-Mesh Upgrade

What is Bluetooth-Mesh?

An enhancement to standard Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth-Mesh was developed to suit large scale monitoring systems that need to communicate with each other. i.e. Truck Scales!


In fact, the system is so strong that hundreds and thousands of devices can be linked via Bluetooth-Mesh and still perform at optimum level. 


Built to meet strict industrial and commercial standards, the technology provides a reliable, scalable and secure environment for the chosen device to operate within. 


Airtec gauges with a Bluetooth-Mesh upgrade remain TCA (Category B) compliant as part of a SmartOBM system.

Benefits to Bluetooth-Mesh Upgrade

Increased Range of Wireless Connection

No connection drop outs, regardless of your combination size. 

Plus have control of your gauges from the comfort of your cab.

Compatible with AXS Series

By upgrading your existing AXM/AXL gauges, your system will be able to connect with the new AXS Series SmartOBM. 

*note that once upgraded, Bluetooth-Mesh gauges CANNOT communicate

with systems operating on the legacy radio module.

Increased connection speed and data delivery

Get on the road faster with reduced wait times when collecting your load data from each axel group. 

Upgrade Process

bluetooth mesh

1. Call 1800 818 884 (line 2)

To discuss your upgrade needs & any additional service requirements with our technicians.

Our staff will provide your with a service quote and an estimated completion date.


2. Deliver your gauge(s) to Airtec Corporation

40 George St Thebarton, 5031 Adelaide SA

Our Service Technicians will complete the upgrade at our Warehouse.

*customer is liable for postage costs*


3. Reinstall on your Combination

Once the upgrade is complete, your gauge(s) will be returned via post or collection.

You can then reinstall the gauges on your combination alongside the new AXS Series. 


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