Digital Inflation Controller

Ideal to adjust and charge high pressure accumulators and shock absorber struts used in aviation, rail, mining, heavy transport and industrial applications.Additionally, the XHP’s program can be customised to inflate a range of different volume actuators, accumulators and shock absorbers or struts.

The XHP comes equipped with high pressure hoses and a high pressure inflating connection (H-556).

Part number: 89XHP-1001

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Easy to use, high accuracy and reliable automatic digital inflation.

Rugged IP66 enclosure and long-life piezo switches.

Significant improvement in safety from traditional mechanical inflation methods.

Customisable preset pressure switches.

Operating range 2.5-100 bar (36-1450 psi)

Inflation accuracy to within +/- 0.5% FS.

How does it work?


Construction Diecast aluminium wall mount enclosure (IP66 rating)
Dimensions 269W x 285H x 106D mm
Power Requirements 220V-240V (Optional 12 VDC)
Unit of Measurement psi / bar
Operating temperature 0o C to +60o C [32o F to 140o F] (without heater)
-20o C to +60o C [-4o F to 140o F] (with heater)
Operating Range 36-1450 psi, 2.5-100 bar
Inlet Supply Pressure 400kPa (58psi) above the max. set pressure
Accuracy ± Up to -+ 0.5% FS

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Part #: 91.5050

High Pressure Inflating Connection H-556

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Part #: 61.0280

7.5m High Pressure Hose

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