Nitrogen Analyser NAH

Nitrogen Analyser - NAH

The Nitrogen Analyser (NAH) has been specially designed for measuring the percentage of Nitrogen (N2) in tyres, ideal for demonstrating to customers that their tyres have been filled with the correct nitrogen amount.

Made of polycarbonate and santoprene, the NAH is high-impact and weather resistant. Fitted with 150 mm-length dual foot air chuck, as an alternative to the standard air chuck, making the process faster and easier.

It is simple, practical and portable.

Nitrogen Analyser Specifications

Construction High impact polycarbonate / santoprene
Degree of
Power 9VDC alkaline battery
Measurement Nitrogen percentage
Range 0 - 100% Nitrogen
Accuracy ± ± 0.1 vol %


  • Lightweight, safe and easy to use
  • LCD display
  • Accurately measure percentage of nitrogen
  • Easy calibration
  • 9V battery included