Compact Workshop Tyre Inflator

The MXA model has been specifically designed for workshop tyre machines; enhancing corporate image and providing safe, accurate and reliable tyre inflation for customers. Its light and compact enclosure makes it a superior alternative to the traditional mechanical gauges.

The MXA includes over-pressure and purging features for use with nitrogen filled tyres.
When used with the Core Removal Tool, it provides a faster and controlled inflation process.

Part Number: 89MXA-1003

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Light and compact / impact resistant enclosure, IP40 rating

Safe, accurate and easy to use.

Easy mounting onto any tyre changing machine

Standard 1/4” valve, 1m inlet hose & mounting bracket.

Over-pressure and purging functions

Nitrogen compatible

How does it work?


Construction High Impact, Self Extinguishing Polycarbonate
Dimensions 22W x 255H x 100D mm
Power Requirements 220~240VAC (optional 12VDC)
Unit of Measurement psi / kPa
Operating Range 5 ~ 145psi | 35 ~ 1000kPa
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale

Technical Specifications

Included Accessories

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