FSC Freestanding Stainless Steel Tyre Inflator


The FSC is specifically designed for sites where a compressed air supply is not available. It’s ideal for locations where customers need to regularly check or adjust their tyre pressures, such as council parking bays, hire yards, fleet vehicle depots, bicycle storage bays & enclosures, hire car service bays and service station forecourts.


Made of stainless Steel, the FSC is corrosion-free, vandal resistant and designed for easy maintenance. The default and maximum pressure can be pre-set (typically 32 psi with a maximum of 60 psi). A maximum pressure of 100 psi can be set for applications such as inflating road bike tyres.

Stylish Stainless Steel enclosure suits any forecourt or parking bay area.

Easy Installation

Corrosion free, vandal resistant and designed for easy maintenance.

Comes supplied with compressor, air hose and air chuck.

FSC Specifications

Construction 3mm Stainless Steel Enclosure | Polycarbonate Inflator
Dimensions 1175 H x 353 W x 223 D mm
Power 220 ~ 240VAC
Measurement psi | kPa
Range 5 ~ 60 psi | 35 ~ 415 kPa (100 psi option on request )
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale

Authorised Service Contractors

We have a range of authorised service contractors that can help you with installation and maintenance of your machine.

Airtec Corporation Digital Tyre Inflat

FSC Spare Parts

Explore our range of spare parts for your FSC inflation unit. Readily available online anytime. From air chucks to replacement hoses, we have all your needs covered in one place.