XDZ - Tyre inflator


The XDZ is specially designed for tyre fitting applications, featuring two displays with independent pressure settings, three programmable preset buttons and stop/start buttons. It’s ideal for workshops. The heavy duty, weatherproof and vandal resistant enclosure of the XDZ makes it ideal for any indoor and outdoor location. It’s simply to use, select the desired pressure from one of the preset buttons or adjust as required and press the green start button. The XDZ will inflate to the pressure set on the top display and hold for a set time, then deflate to the pressure set on the lower screen. 

XDZ Specifications

Construction Die Cast Aluminium Enclosure, IP66 rating
Dimensions 270W x 285H x 110D mm
Power 220~240VAC
Measurement psi | kPa
Range 5 ~145psi | 35 ~ 1000kPa
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale


  • Accurate and easy to use with built in safety features
  • Rugged die cast aluminium housing
  • Three programmable preset buttons
  • High Flow 1/2“ valve block
  • Emergency STOP button
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • XDZ - Tyre inflator