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MDA- Airtec Corporation

We handle the pressure for you. Our Digital Tyre Inflators are designed with the latest technology for safety and efficiency, manufactured with high quality standards.

Our digital truck scale systems allow you to easily access your truck’s weight data. A weighing-bridge won’t be needed each time you have a new load on your truck!

We maintain a full range of spare parts for all our products, including PCB boards, air chucks & hose kits at our warehouse in Adelaide. We also provide prompt delivery (often overnight) to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding Pacific Islands.  

We Focus On Innovation

At Airtec Corporation our products stay with us from creation to completion. As a result, they are well known for their accuracy, durability and security – all designed to comply with Australian standards.

Now Type-Approved
Smart On-Board Mass

Our 89AXM and AXL400 Truck Scales are certified by

TCA achieving OBM Type-Approved Category A and

Category B.

OBM TCA type approved

There's a "better weigh"
to manage your vehicle mass

The TruckOBM Mobile
Application provides real-time
axle group weight monitoring
and reporting for
customers using our

AXM truck scales.

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On all online orders over $100

Our online store assists our customers to easily place orders for new spare parts (air hoses, fittings and accessories) at any time of the day.

Ensuring your business has new spare parts promptly delivered to your door.

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Our Industries

We design products to suit different requirements

Airtec Corporation - transport


Tyre inflation and digital truck scales specifically created for the heavy vehicle industry. 

Airtec Corporation - Aviation


Tyre inflation and pressure monitoring systems created specifically for the needs of the aviation industry

Airtec Corporation - Minning


High-flow tyre inflation and pressure monitoring created for the unique needs of mining tyres. 

Airtec Corporation military


High-flow and portable tyre inflation units created for the requirements of military operations. 

Airtec Corporation - Workshop, mechanic tyre inflators


Freestanding and wall mounted tyre inflation units designed to be used in mechanics workshops, and tyre fitters. 

Airtec corporation tyre Inflation Units

Service Station

Freestanding tyre inflation units that help to upgrade the overall look of your forecourt. Whilst providing customers with a safe, reliable and accurate tyre inflation solution. 

Airtec Sports ball inflators - AFL, NRL, Soccer, NFL, NBA


Sports ball inflation units created to guarantee exact pressure in every ball for every game. Trusted by the AFL, NFL and NBA. 

Tyre Inflation for Agriculture machinery


Tyre inflation created to support the agriculture industry and the unique needs of tractor tyres.