FRP-5004 Series

Introducing the new 89FRP-5004 inflator model that comes with the choice of dual inflation mode – vehicle and bicycle tyres. This model is  designed for the Service Station industry, offering safe, quick and accurate inflation services to a wider range of customers needs.


Key Features:

  • With In-built compressor 
  • 10m vehicle air hose kit with chuck
  • 1m bike air hose kit with chuck for Presta/ Dunlop or Schrader valves.
  • Coupling covers to protect your hoses/s against theft
Rugged, stylish die-cast aluminium enclosure with high-quality powder coat finish

High reliability (vandal resistant ) Piezo switches

FRP-5004 decal
Customise with Corporate branding and colours
Two in one unit suitable for vehicle tyres OR bicycle tyres


Construction – Diecast Aluminum Enclosure

Dimensions – 410W x 1400H x 450D mm

Power – 220V-240VAC (optional 100~120VAC)

Measurement – Psi |  kPa

Range 5 ~ 145 psi | 35 ~ 1000 kPa | 0.3-10.0 bar | 0.4-10.2 kg/cm 

Accuracy ± 0.5% Full Scale

Authorised Service Contractors

We have a range of authorised service contractors that can help you with installation and maintenance of your machine.

Spare Parts

Explore our range of spare parts for your FEP inflation unit. Readily available online anytime. From air chucks to replacement hoses, we have all your needs covered in one place.

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