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Airtec's office in Adelaide SA

Who We Are

Airtec Corporation Pty Ltd covers the marketing, sales and distribution of tyre inflation equipment and digital axle load systems for Australia and New Zealand.

We carry an extensive range of stock at our head office and warehouse in South Australia including new inflation units, air hoses, gauges and tyre valves & accessories. We pride ourselves on prompt service and delivery to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and neighboring islands in the Asia-Pacific region.

From the manufacturing facilities and headquarters in Singapore, Airtec continues to design and manufacture products with leading technology and is well positioned to meet the needs of customers in all corners of the world.

Manufacturing and
International Sales

Airtec Corporation (Asia) is the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of digital tyre inflation equipment.

Airtec Corporation continues to deliver unique solutions in Digital Inflation

Technology. From our Headquarters in Singapore we are well positioned to meet the needs of our customers in all corners of the world. Our large component inventories enable us to offer unparalleled service levels, even for large contract orders.

Continuous R&D investment keeps us at the forefront of this technology. Recent equipment acquisitions include the latest in printing technology, allowing us to produce customised graphics in any corporate image, colour and language text.

Our Certifications

Transport Certification Australia (CA) OBM Type-Approved OBM Systems

Category A

Our 89AXM and AXL400 Truck Scales Series are certified by TCA achieving OBM Type-Approval (Category A). This enables drivers and loaders to view mass information electronically. TCA independently assesses hardware and system ‘types’ for conformance against performance-based requirements giving operators the peace of mind that their solution meets a minimum functional and technical standard.

Category B

In addition to Category A requirements our Smart OBM system, which is made up of the 89AXM series of gauges, has achieved OBM Type-Approval (Category B). This allows us to offer customers a future ready solution that collects mass data from vehicles with intelligent mass capabilities.

You can learn more about it here.

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Please call or email us for more information on requirements and how our OBM system can help you become compliant.


We are members of associations with leading expertise in truck and trailer technology in Australia