89PTU-1003 Pressure Test Unit

Pressure Test Unit

The Pressure Test Unit (PTU)

is portable test unit specially designed to calibrate all tyre inflation equipment and compressor supply pressures.


Made of aluminium, its carry case is only 7.2kg, ideal for any indoor or outdoor environment. The large LCD screen is backlit for use in low light conditions. The unit contains a four litre pressure vessel which provides the required working volume for digital inflation equipment to function correctly. Nitrogen equipments can be also calibrated with the PTU.


The kit is supplied with a lithium battery that powers the unit and is charged via a mini USB port and also its wall plug charger.

Pressure Test Unit Specifications

Construction Custom Aluminium Case
Weight 7.2kg
Dimensions 280mm cube
Power 3.7VDC Charger 5VDC 1250mA (Mini USB port)
Resolution 1psi | 1 kPa | 0.1 bar
Temperature 0 - 60℃
Volume 4 Litres
Auto Off 60 seconds


  • Light weight aluminium carry case with handle
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, wall plug charger included
  • Supplied with calibration certificate
  • Nitrogen compatible
  • 89PTU-1003 Pressure Test Unit