AXM Series

Bluetooth Truck Scales

Designed for all trucks, prime movers fitted with airbag suspensions and single ride height control valves. Made of polycarbonate, a high impact material, the AXM201 guarantees durability and weather resistance. With its bright LED screen the display is clearly visible to operators outside the truck; day or night. It also has alarm features to let your know when the vehicle has reached a specific weight.

The AXM201 is a smart Truck Scale with built-in Wireless technology that collects the weights of additional gauges mounted on the trailers. It also has Bluetooth connection, allowing you to check your weights from your smartphone and save them for later reference, with our TruckAXM App.

The AXM201 is also compatible with the Airtec’s AXM Remote Display, allowing you to check your weights from inside the cab (optional).

Versions Available

AXM201 Single Sensor AXM202 Dual Sensor

AXM201 single sensor axle load indicator model is ideal for trucks that have single ride height control valves.

AXM202 dual sensor axle load indicator model is ideal for trucks fitted with dual independent air bag suspension, per axle or axle group.
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Bluetooth and Wireless Mesh enabled, RS232 / 485 interface

Simple 2 stage calibration process

Universal 7 to 30 VDC power connection

Super bright LED display for high visibility night or day

How Does It Work?

AXM201 - Single Sensor

AXM202 - Dual Sensor

After installation to a truck or trailer fitted with air bag suspension, the AXM is calibrated when a known load is applied and weighed correctly on a certified weigh bridge. Once the unit is calibrated it will display the weights of the Trucks and/or Trailers.

The user can view the weights either on individual gauges, on the AXMRemote and/or on the TruckAXM App if a complete wireless system has been installed. Maximum 5 axle groups can be added to the system.



Minimise your risk of overloading.


Accurate technology

Save Time

Improve your productivity


Construction High Impact ABS / Polycarbonate
Dimensions 188W x 168H x 76D mm, 0.8 kg
Power Requirements 7~30 VDC
Inlet Connection ¼” DOT FMVSS 106 push-to-connect fitting
Unit fo Measurement kPa, kilograms or tonnes
Operating Range 0~120 psi, 0~825 kPa (user selectable)
Accuracy ± ± 0.5 % Full Scale

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