Digital Pressure Gauge

The DPG is a heavy duty handheld digital pressure gauge designed specifically for the digital pressure checks up to 145 psi (999 kPa), ideal for trucks and light aircraft companies to maintain tyre pressure policies after every landing.

Made of stainless steel covered by a protector rubber, the DPG is high-impact and weather resistant. Itis supplied with an ABS protector case guaranteeing durability and long service life. The DPG can also be operated in kPa or PSI. It is simple, practical and portable, it comes with a USB charger, a standard and a large bore lock-on chuck to make the inflation process faster and more efficient.

The DPG is also available in a 360 psi (25bar) for applications in the aviation, mining, military, bulk transport and ship loading industries.

Part number: 89DPG145-1002

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Robust construction with protective rubber jacket, stainless steel housing.

Large backlit LCD screen, auto power off.

High impact polycarbonate window.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (via mini USB port, charger included)

Supplied in a tough ABS carry case.

Includes Type 4660A large bore and Type 5265 small bore lock-on hose chucks.

How does it work?


the DPG to the valve. The actual pressure of the tyre will be displayed.


When the pressure is shown the display will flash.


the DPG gauge to finalise.


Construction 304 stainless steel with rubber impact protection jacket
Pressure Sensor Piezo resistive monolithic ceramic pressure sensor
Power Requirements 3.7VDC, mini USB connection for charging
Unit of Measurement psi (bar selectable)
Pressure Range 0~999 kPa (0~145psi)
Accuracy ± ± 0.5 % Full Scale

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