TR5 Nitrogen Trolley for up to 5 tyres

TR5 Nitrogen Trolley

The TR5 nitrogen trolley offers a convenient mobile solution for filling tyres with Nitrogen. It is ideal for workshops, tyre stores, fleets, lube shops and auto dealerships, providing safe, accurate and reliable Nitrogen tyre inflation for customers. The rugged unit can inflate up to 5 tyres at once.

Simply connect the unit to a fixed Nitrogen source, such as a generation system or fixed bottle supply. The inflation process starts automatically once the hoses are connected to the tyres.

TR5 Nitrogen Trolley Specifications

Construction Powder coated steel
Degree of Protection IP40
Power 12VDC
Measurement Psi | kPa | bar
Range 5 - 145 psi | 35 - 1000 kPa | 0.3 - 10 bar
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale


  • Automatic purging program (N2P)
  • Adjustable over pressure settings (OPS)
  • Accurate and easy to use; inflate up to 5 tyres at once
  • Rugged and durable design with solid rubber tyres
  • Auto power off function, charger and NiMH battery supplied
  • Suits direct Nitrogen supply from an N2 generator
  • TR5 Nitrogen Trolley for up to 5 tyres