High Flow Inflator

The XDB model is specially designed to provide safe, accurate and reliable tyre inflation of OTR multiple tyres for the mining industry. The heavy duty, weatherproof and vandal resistant enclosure of the XDB makes it ideal for almost any indoor or outdoor location.

Part Number: 89XDB-0008

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Accurate and easy to use with built-in safety features

Rugged die-cast aluminium enclosure.

High flow 1/2" valve ideal for truck, bus and mining tyres.

Vandal resistant mechanical switches or optional piezo switches.

Large backlit LCD display.

Nitrogen compatible.

Operator and tyre fitter safety

Safe Procedure

Large tyres pose a serious risk of injury or fatality in the event of a tyre failure during fitting or in the event of excessive heat from fire or prolonged use of an under-inflated tyre. Airtec inflators can be an important part of your Safe Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) for tyre fitting and maintenance personnel. The XDB can be set to require the operator to press the start button as an aid to ensure personnel are isolated in a safe area during the inflation process should a failure of the tyre or rim occur.

Controlled Inflation Cycle

The inflator provides a controlled inflation cycle clearly indicating the actual pressure during the inflation process. The operator can easily stop the process at any time

Nitrogen Compatibility

All Airtec inflators are nitrogen compatible. Nitrogen has been used in aircraft tyres extensively since World War II for safety reasons. The same also applies to mining; inert nitrogen gas (with less than 5.5% oxygen) will not support combustion in the event of a leak or failure – this can be particularly important in underground applications or other hazardous environments. Nitrogen also virtually eliminates rim corrosion and oxidation of the tyre casing helping to extend rim and tyre life.


Construction Die cast aluminium enclosure, IP66 rating
Switches High reliability mechanical
Dimensions 270W x 285H x 110D mm
Power 220 ~ 240VAC (Optional 12VDC)
Operating Range 5 ~ 145psi | 35~1000kPa
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale

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