AXS SmartOBM Series

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SmartOBM Just Got Smarter 

With Airtec’s all new AXS Series.


100% Australian designed & manufactured, the all new AXS Series has all the smarts of our previous model, plus so much more!


At only 80mm in diameter and smaller than your coffee cup, the AXS is small, lightweight and durable. The smaller unit makes it easier to mount on your truck combination, while the IP66 build remains durable, withstanding the harshest of Australian outback conditions.


Featuring the latest Bluetooth-mesh technology the AXS is Airtec’s smartest and fastest SmartOBM sensor. This technology has greater distance capability, reducing dropouts, and is packed with smart featuring like auto-scanning and over-the-air firmware updates.


AXS SmartOBM System Fast Facts:


Packed with features and accreditations you will love, the AXS has been built with increased speed, usability, and technological advancements. Here are a few reasons why you should think ‘small’ for your next SmartOBM solution;


  • – TCA Type-Approved (Category B)
  • – 100% Australian owned, made and manufactured
  • – Wireless, Bluetooth-mesh capability
  • – Over-air firmware updates to keep you at peak performance no matter your location
  • – LCD screen with LED ring light to ensure optimal visibility & indicate legal weight limits
  • – Purpose designed mounting brackets
  • – Smart auto-scan feature to make configuration changes simple and easy

AXS Bracket Accessories

Every rig is built differently, and as such requires a unique mounting option.

When purchasing an AXS, there are six bracket options available to suit your road conditions and vehicle placement.


Best used on trucks and trailers travelling on good road conditions.


Best used on trucks and trailers travelling on good road conditions.



Best used reverse mounted on trailers. Or dolly mounted between axles.



Best used on trailers travelling on good road conditions mounted to the landing leg.



Best used on trucks and trailers travelling on poor road conditions.


Best used on dolly trailers mounted

on the drawbar


TruckOBM App Integration:


Once upgraded to the latest TruckOBM App version (2.5.0) the AXS will seamlessly integrate with your smartphone, allowing for over-the-air callibrations, firmware updates and more. 

A reminder that our trusty TruckOBM App also allows you to store weight data for later use. 


Download the TruckOBM App today for iPhone or Andriod:


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