TruckAXM App

Check your vehicle weight on your phone

The Smartphone with TruckAXM App is used for it’s wireless bluetooth capabilities, providing direct connection to the Airtec AXM mass management system. The smartphone provides users with a sleek lightweight design and best-in-class viewing experience when viewing truck weights.

The application allows you to read the axle weights, GVM and NETT weight of your truck and any trailers. Airtec’s TruckAXM enables you to monitor the loading of your truck in real time within Bluetooth range of the master AXM unit mounted to your cab.

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Offers a rugged, reliable and accurate solution to display the load on each axle group.

Direct connection to the AXM, no programming needed

Export and print log files by date range, last 7 days, last month or last quarter

Displays weight in kilograms (up to 5 axle groups)

How Does It Work?

The smartphone uses Airtec TruckAXM App to read the axle weights in real time, listing the weight for each axle, GVM and NETT weight. You can export the data to an email address or even print to the mobile wireless printer.

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