AXM Remote

Vehicle Weight Display

The AXM Remote display integrates with the AXM 300 Series Wireless Scales to provide the weights in the cab at the touch of a button.

The unit is comprised of a machined and anodised aluminium body with a tough polycarbonate face plate. The display is the same super bright LED used in our AXM / AXL gauges and can be seen day or night, from several meters away. The remote is easily mounted inside the cab or to a suitable vantage point on the outside of the cab or chassis. Axle weights for each group and GVM can be read simply via a quick press of the Piezo switch on the front of the unit.

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imple touch selection toggles between axle groups and GVM

Safely monitor the loading of your truck and trailers

Super bright LED display for high visibility night or day

Easy to mount inside or outside the cab

How Does It Work?

View each axle load weights and total weight

Mounted inside of the truck cab or at a suitable position for easy viewing. The AXM Remote display offers a fixed cable connection to the AXM Master Unit and displays information about each axle group, channel or total value via a piezo switch on the front of the Remote Display.



Improve efficiency when loading vehicle


The remote can be placed in various locations for easy viewing by the operator

LED Display

The bright display can be seen from several meters away day or night


Proven technology

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Construction Machined aluminium body, polycarbonate faceplate
Dimensions 118W x 86H x 25D mm
Power Requirements Power supplied via AXM unit
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 60°C
Connections 4 pin connector with 6m cable
Weight 0.65 kg (including cable)

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