Sports Ball Inflator

The MXA Sports Ball Inflator and Air Compressor has been specially designed for the inflation of sports balls to their recommended inflation pressure.

This easy to install kit has been built using the latest pressure sensing technology and is an ideal solution for any sporting club or complex to quickly inflate sporting balls.

$ 3,000

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Mounted at a convenient easy to reach height

Preset low pressure regulator.

Selectable pressure range for a variation of sport balls.

Easy reach hose assembly kit with inflation needle

Minimal maintenance and service.

High-quality components for efficient and durable air supply.


Construction High Impact, Self Extinguishing Polycarbonate
Dimensions 770H x 400W x 400D (Air Compressor)
Power Requirements 220~240VAC
Unit of Measurement psi / kPa
Operating Range 0 ~ 72 kPa / 0 ~ 10 psi
Accuracy ± ± 0.5% Full Scale

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Included Accessories

Part #: 61.1303

Hose Kit Mignon

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Part #: 92-0001

Needle - Ball Inflation

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Contact us using the Part Number: 89XTC-1052

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