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Prepare your Airtec Truck Scales for Harvest Season with our OBM Checklist

The Australian agricultural and horticulture industry is diverse and ever growing. Statistics indicate that Agriculture accounts for 55% of Australian land use. No wonder our truckies are busy hauling loads of crop and grain all over the country! Such a booming industry puts great demand on our farmers and truck drivers. Meaning, harvest season is one heck of a busy time!

The last 20 years has seen huge growth for agricultural production as a result of producers acquiring new technologies and management practises At Airtec, we understand that no matter when your harvest season starts, you need technology that is not only efficient but reliable. Our products are designed to assist with mass management of heavy vehicle loads. As this busy season approaches, preparation is crucial in setting up for a successful harvest.

So What Can You Do To Prepare?

Just like your phone needs software updates to support the latest Apps, your Airtec gauge needs some TLC to ensure its best functionality.

There are 10 simple things you can do to prepare your Airtec gauge(s) as well as other elements of your vehicle assets and surrounding conditions.


To help, we have created a checklist to highlight the key points for both inside and outside the (Airtec) box!

Completing this simple checklist will help you to be prepared for harvest season and avoid potentially facing any setbacks when the busy season kicks off.

Tell Me More About "The Box"

Put simply, the Airtec truck scales take the guesswork out of loading your vehicle.


The mass management solution ensures you eliminate the risk of overloading, while maximising productivity. We have a range of truck scales to suit all needs and users, from our pioneer standard product the AXL200 series, to our SmartOBM range encompassing bluetooth technology, supporting App and compliance options.


Use the navigation below to explore our range of Truck Scales OR contact us directly to discuss your Truck Scale requirements. 

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