Pump Tyres. Not Volume.

How Airtec is tackling noise pollution thanks to their FEP Light Kits.


Today’s world doesn’t know what silence is. Between the running of car engines, watching the latest Netflix special, advertisement overload and the neighbours dog barking it’s a wonder many of us haven’t gone mad. You’d think the only silence we’d experience is in our sleep, but experts disagree. Harvard Medicine estimates that chronic noise exposure disrupts the sleep of 6.5 million people.


The issue of noise pollution becomes even more prevalent as Australia’s residential density increases. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for an apartment block to pop up next to a service station or houses built along a flight path. It’s just part of the modern world. But is it any good for us?




The World Health Organisation ranked traffic noise second among environmental threats to public health. The first being air pollution…


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but scientists from Harvard Medicine, National Geographic and the Australian Academy of Science have some alarming statistics up their sleeve. Did you know that noise pollution contributes to:


–  48,000 new cases of heart disease in Europe each year


–  Childhood stress and impairments in memory, attention level and reading skill


–  Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)


–  Raised blood pressure & increased heart rate


–  The potential to mobilise a state of hyperarousal leading to cardiovascular disease


–  The loss of one million healthy years of life in Europe each year


Considering the development of our modern city planning, HMS associate professor of population medicine, Peter James says “To say the onus is on the individual to fix their noise exposure is not feasible.”




Closer to home, a 7Eleven service station in Brisbane recently had an apartment block built directly next door to their business. It wasn’t long before 7Eleven and the service station owner started receiving complaints about the beeping of Inflation Units throughout the night. 


This sparked the timer kit to stop the beeping overnight, but the team at Airtec thought that customers needed an indication when the inflation had stopped which sparked the Light Kit innovation.


Here at Airtec Corporation we knew that the onus was on us, particularly in regards to the ‘beeper’ on our inflation systems. An innovative solution reducing our contribution to noise pollution was required to benefit not only our customers, but the Australian residential community at large.




While the noise level on our inflators can be turned down, it’s not always enough for those densely populated areas where the beeper could disrupt surrounding residents.


That’s where the notification light was born. It has been specifically designed for the service and gas station industry to automatically turn off the inflator beeper function overnight and use the notification light to indicate to the customer when a tyre has completed the filling cycle.


The notification light consists of 72 super bright, long-life LEDs that are embedded into the light panel to provide excellent colour and clarity. The sleek, modern design sits seamlessly at the top of the inflator between the top plate and the inflator body. The light kit is fastened to the inflator body with the top plate screws.


Another exciting feature is that the notification light comes in a variety of colours to match your unique corporate branding. It can also be ordered as a kit to be easily installed in existing FEP inflators. This product also features a configurable timer, allowing the light and beeper to be set to turn on and off at set times to suit your service station’s requirements. 


The notification light is perfectly suited to CBD service stations and Council car parks in densely populated areas to minimise disruption to nearby residents and provide your customers with an exceptional tyre inflation experience. 






We understand that service stations are inherently noisy places of business. But despite these setbacks there are small changes you can implement to better your community. Start by turning down the volume where you can; whether it be on your Airtec Inflator, car radio or television. 


Next, look into what products are available to help mitigate the effects of noise pollution in your Service Station, like our FEP Light Kits.



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