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Performance Based Standards (PBS) were first introduced in 2007, the intention was simple the right trucks for the right jobs. The vision on the other hand was far more profound and would be transformational for the industry. Including, greater overall road safety, minimised environmental impact and improved productivity. In 2014 the PBS scheme was incorporporated into Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulated through NHVR.

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While the PBS scheme has been hugely success for the road transport industry, feedback has indicated there is confusion from operators regarding the administration. Operators have expressed frustrations with some unnecessary complexities throughout the application process.


As of 14th of November 2022 improvements will be made and changes implemented to the administrative process.
These changes are expected to help combat the ongoing struggles associated with COVID, including driver shortages and the growing freight task. 

“The new changes will simplify and accelerate the approval of PBS combinations by removing the transfer of PBS Vehicle applications when a vehicle is sold and removing duplication, which will reduce the size of a vehicle application by 30%.” – NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto. 

Overall the sector is consistently working towards creating a safer and more productive heavy vehicle industry. By making the conscious effort to review legislations regularly and make adequate changes where possible. This helps owners and operators to save time by cutting down the paperwork and application processing times. 

The NHVR is working towards making PBS simpler and more accessible to operators who are looking at joining the scheme. You don’t need to jump through hoops to become PBS compliant. 

For more information on these changes or if you have any questions contact your auditor or NHVR NHVR Press Release – PBS applications to be made simpler and faster

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