Airtec Corporation X 7/11

This past week we travelled down to Melbourne for the C&I Expo. During our time in Melbourne we had the opportunity to catch up with some of our valued clients. We were lucky enough to speak to Ben Wong from 7 Eleven HQ and chat about how we can better support their operation.

7 Eleven is proud to be one of Australia’s largest private companies with more than 700 stores across the country. Their first Australian store was opened in 1977.

During our meeting with 7 Eleven we spoke about new ways our products can support their operations across the country and our response to the global product shortage.

With more and more people living in CBD areas, we’ve had to redesign the way our tyre inflators let people know their tyres are full without waking up neighbouring apartment buildings at night. To combat the noise issue we have designed a flashing notification light on the top of our inflation units. The light will flash after 8 pm at night to let drivers know when their tyre is full. However, while this solution is suitable for some, we realise that people with bigger cars may not be able to see the flashing light from the back of their vehicle and therefore further customization needs to occur. We are currently working on an app that connects to the inflator where you can toggle the PSI needed for your tyres and be notified when your tyres are full. 

We also spoke about the various ways that fuel stations can order spare parts, either via email, phone or through our online store. 

All in all our visit proved extremely beneficial in identifying areas of improvement to better support our customers' needs.


Please note our inflation app has not been released as it is still a work in progress. Keep up to date with us to find out when we will be releasing our inflation app

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