DPG Pressure Gauge

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Airtec’s new digital pressure gauge (DPG) which has been developed specifically for maintenance of aircraft tyres has impressed the technical team at SR Aviation Sdn Bhd. MC. Loh, regional sales manager in Singapore, recently had the chance to speak with the technical team at an in-house training day at their Cessna Citation Authorised Service Facility at Subang Airport, KL.

Feedback from the technical team on the advantages of the DPG include: the unit holds the pressure reading, the large backlit display is easily read in all conditions, the accuracy of the reading and the reliability of the unit. No longer do they need to deal with breakages of the glass in the old mechanical gauges which can also result in fluid leaking from the gauge. The facility has also ordered an XDH high-pressure aircraft tyre inflator which will improve the speed and accuracy of topping up tyres.
The DPG comes supplied in a tough case kit complete with standard and large bore lock-on chucks, 500mm high pressure hose and mini-USB port charger.

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