Digital Truck Scales for B.F. Cross Transport

Our Digital Truck Scales are Australian designed for Australian trucks.

The stainless steel enclosure of the AXL200 Series axle load gauge make a stylish addition to any truck. Bluey from B. F. Cross Transport, Moura is very happy with the addition of the new gauge to their new Mack truck. Supplied and fitted by Volvo Commercial Vehicles of Rockhampton. The gauge looks great fitted next to the chrome, white & blue of the cab and polished diesel fuel tanks below.

By installing our AXL200 series truck scales customers are able to view weights from their trucks anywhere, anytime. This gives them the ability to maximise payload without worrying about payload fines. Our Digital Truck Scales are precise to +/- 0.1 psi full scale. You can also find a range of smart OBM scales that integrate with your smartphone. Customers have the option to keep a log of their weights right there on their phones.

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