Nitrogen Trolley in Essendon, VIC

Digital Inflator

JAXQuickfit Tyres in Essendon is a busy tyre store. Since purchasing a TR6 Nitrogen trolley in June 2010 they now fill around 300 tyres per month with Nitrogen.

The Branch manager, Anthony Turville says the addition of the TR6 trolley provides the added value of offering Nitrogen to an increasingly aware consumer. With fuel prices on the increase, a saving of 2 to 3% in fuel economy by using N² offers real value.

Some customers are also looking for enhanced tyre performance or like the fact that N² helps reduce their carbon footprint.

Anthony says the system also saves time. The guys simply hook up the hoses, start the process and move onto the next vehicle. The digital inflator’s programming sequence automatically purges the air from the tyres, fills them with Nitrogen and beeps to indicate when the cycle is complete.

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